Gaussian Blur Chapter 2

Sorry for the long delay. We’ll start picking up the speed as soon as possible. If anyone could get the raws from Daum for me that’d be nice, since I’m a lazy guy. Download | Original

Gaussian Blur Chapter 1

Here’s the first chapter of Gaussian Blur ^^. We are currently recruiting a couple of positions! Head on over to the recruitment page for more information. Please click the original link to support the webtoon artist! Chapter 1: Download | Original Translator: panda57 Editor: panda57 Proofreader: Yukiko

Gaussian Blur Prologue

New group, new series. You can expect chapter 1 to be released sometime this week ^^. Welcome to Sea of the Clouds! We’re currently recruiting all positions! We only need 2 redrawers, 1 cleaner, 1 experienced typesetter, 1 Japanese translator, and 1 Chinese translator. Please apply if you’d like to help our small group You [...]